Edinburgh Morningside

Your guide to beautiful Edinburgh

4 Casinos in Edinburgh for Exciting Gambling Experiences

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has plenty of offerings in store for travelers exploring Morningside. This beautiful suburb is not too far from the city center of Edinburgh. If you’re looking for some elegant casinos during your stay in Morningside, you’ll find several options in Edinburgh.  You might not be in the mood to leave…
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4 Thrilling Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, gives you plenty of opportunities to indulge in some exciting adventures outdoors. Moving away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you’ll be astonished to discover some wonderful open spaces. These are places where a wide range of outdoor activities await the adventure lovers.  You can book with any of…
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Top 4 Tourist Attractions You Must Explore in Edinburgh

During your stay in Morningside you’d certainly want to visit the most popular places nearby. You can take one of the Lothian buses to get to Edinburgh. Once you’re in the Scottish capital, you’ll have many tourist attractions worth exploring. While getting around in Edinburgh, you’ll get a glimpse of the city’s past.  In the…
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Edinburgh Leith

5 Beautiful Neighbourhoods Near Morningside

Morningside was once a small village in the south of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. At the time, all it had was a few cottages and farms. It was a part of a woodland and an open space, which was mostly used for hunting. This land stretched from the hills of Pentland to Burgh Loch.  After…
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edinburgh trams

The Efficient Public Transportation System of Edinburgh

When you’re in Edinburgh, it won’t take much time for you to realize that it’s quite a walkable city. However, the Scottish capital also has a highly efficient public transportation system. The main bus company called ‘Lothian Buses’ covers over 50 routes. It connects locals and tourists to the city center, Edinburgh Airport, and the…
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7 Morningside Facts You Must Know While You Are There

You’ll get to discover some interesting things in Morningside when you begin exploring the fascinating Scottish district. It is located in the south-western part of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Since quite a long time, it has been attracting many individuals who like to unwind amid serene environs.  Many of them never knew certain facts…
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Church Hill Theatre

6 Exciting Things to Do During Your Stay in Morningside

Edinburgh has plenty of things to offer for all those who wish to explore the Scottish capital. With all the history, rich culture, and exciting outdoor adventures, you’ll certainly have much to do in this city. However, there are certain places that tourists rarely explore.  Among them is the surrounding district of Morningside, which is…
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Dominion Cinema

4 Notable Buildings Worth Exploring in Morningside

Morningside is a charming suburb in Edinburgh’s south-western area with a fascinating past. The Scottish district has an abundance of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Yet, it has an amazing serenity, which has attracted plenty of travelers over the years. Many individuals and families see it as an ideal place to enjoy a pleasant sojourn.  You…
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A Glimpse of Morningside and Its History

Located in the southwestern part of Edinburgh, Morningside is among the most prestigious places in the Scottish capital. It was formerly a village and a part of an ancient route extending from Edinburgh to Scotland’s southwestern region. Today, it is a bustling suburb with independent coffee houses, fine dining restaurants, local shops, and other offerings.…
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Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh

Accommodation Options in Edinburgh for Travelers

It’s quite obvious that you need a comfortable place to stay for exploring any of the world’s best destinations. When it comes to accommodation in the Scottish capital, there are several options you can choose from. All of these options cater to travelers with varying budgets.  One of the greatest benefits of staying in or…
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