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Your guide to beautiful Edinburgh

4 Thrilling Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, gives you plenty of opportunities to indulge in some exciting adventures outdoors. Moving away from the hustle-bustle of the city, you’ll be astonished to discover some wonderful open spaces. These are places where a wide range of outdoor activities await the adventure lovers.  You can book with any of…
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Top 4 Tourist Attractions You Must Explore in Edinburgh

During your stay in Morningside you’d certainly want to visit the most popular places nearby. You can take one of the Lothian buses to get to Edinburgh. Once you’re in the Scottish capital, you’ll have many tourist attractions worth exploring. While getting around in Edinburgh, you’ll get a glimpse of the city’s past.  In the…
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Church Hill Theatre

6 Exciting Things to Do During Your Stay in Morningside

Edinburgh has plenty of things to offer for all those who wish to explore the Scottish capital. With all the history, rich culture, and exciting outdoor adventures, you’ll certainly have much to do in this city. However, there are certain places that tourists rarely explore.  Among them is the surrounding district of Morningside, which is…
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